Corporate’s Toughest Job – Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

cyber security 2Today’s CISO must understand how to protect an organization’s information systems, using a uniquely specialized, and ever-changing toolbox, containing hardware, software and secure business tools. CISOs are not only responsible for securing computer systems, they are also responsible for creating, implementing and communicating the organization’s digital information security policies and procedures – effectively educating and training sometimes tens of thousands of users across vast geographic, cultural and functional distances.

And when a breach of information systems security does happen – and it does with increasing frequency and sophistication – organizations expect their CISOs and their teams to recognize the breach immediately, to know exactly how to handle complex emergency situations, and to rapidly secure the organization’s information systems, recover any lost data, and established business continuity.

This almost unbearable set of demands led recently the New York Times to describe the CISOs job as”…one of the toughest jobs in the business world.”

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