Computer Forensics

By January 1, 2010 Cyber Security

As communications fly through cyber space at warp speeds, electronic vulnerability increases; achieving corporate and network security is a full-time task. Heightened national security issues, the burgeoning maze of laws and regulations and growing presence of organized crime in cyber attacks further complicates the already complex critical network security challenge. It takes only a single point of vulnerability for unauthorized access to bring down a system. TAL Global’s extensive security auditing services help organizations identify and mitigate risk factors to protect critical electronic infrastructure and ensure data integrity. We identify and isolate security weaknesses before they become liabilities. We are experts at data recovery and search, just like the services found at Our in-depth criminal and civil investigations and expert witness capabilities help our clients build winning cases and reduce repeat infractions.

Our services include:

  • Vulnerability assessment of critical and secure network devices
  • Evidentiary imaging of electronic devices
  • Forensic analysis of meta data and electronic content
  • Electronic device search for deleted files, documents, emails and suspect users
  • Documentation of findings, recommendations and problem remediation
  • Legal support
    • E-Discovery consultation and assistance
    • Network monitoring and evidence accumulation
    • Expert witness and testimonial support

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