Combating Workplace Violence – The Scientific Approach

By April 30, 2015 Workplace Violence

workplace violenceIn today’s economic and social climate, workplace violence is on the rise. The triggers are multiple and include economic hardship, failing personal relationships, feelings of personal failure, actual or perceived injustice in the workplace, and even traumatic family events (e.g., death, illness, injury).

The cost of workplace violence is enormous: hundreds of fatalities every year (murder is the leading cause of death for women in the workplace), thousands of traumatized workers and billions of dollars in economic damage.

Organizations affected by workplace violence are often found liable for negligence because they had no workplace violence prevention plan in place. Despite the human and financial threats, many organizations are still vulnerable, operating with neither an appropriate process nor proper training.

Mitigating threats of such magnitude and impact requires the best possible resources.  This is where TAL Global comes in. Our Workplace Violence Department is headed by Dr. Mark Lipian, one of America’s leading forensic psychiatrists and workplace violence experts. Dr. Lipian has developed, tested, and practices a holistic, 4-stage process, designed to provide a comprehensive danger management response to threats of workplace violence.

TAL Global’s 4-stage workplace violence process starts with an immediate intervention and response to the reported threat, thereby containing the situation and preventing further escalation.

But that is just the beginning of our involvement. We do not believe in a “band-aid” approach to workplace violence. That is why we follow our initial preventive response with a comprehensive threat and violence assessment, designed to get to the root of the situation. This is essential since, without appropriate assessment, a response may be insufficient, inadequate, and ineffective.  It may even inadvertently escalate unpredictable and dangerous situations.

Once we fully understand the threat, we develop and implement a comprehensive and individualized action plan. This plan is commonly comprised of a medical and psychiatric assessment, detailed analysis of all relevant aspects, profiling, resource allocations (e.g., personnel, hardware, software), and recommendations, along with a complete set of guidelines to ensure that all legal, vocational, security and law enforcement aspects of the situation are covered. The last part of the plan includes a specific “hands on” intervention plan, using internal and external personnel, hardware and software security measures, and even stealth resources – all geared toward rapid threat termination and restoration of a safe and secure work environment.

Even then, our work is not done.  With the threat removed, we conduct a thorough post-intervention follow up and review to make sure that not only the specific threat was mitigated, but that future threats will be detected and handled at the earliest possible stage.

About Mark Lipian, MD, PhD.

In addition to his position with TAL Global, Dr. Lipian is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at both UCLA and the University of California at Irvine. He is also Medical Director of the Orange County Conditional Release Program, a clinic for court-mandated treatment of mentally ill offenders.

Dr. Lipian received his medical degree and a Doctorate in Psychology from Yale and Oxford Universities. He completed his residency in Psychiatry and a fellowship in Forensic Psychiatry at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute. Dr. Lipian is a member of the American Psychiatric Association, the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, and the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Dr. Lipian has published and lectured nationally on such subjects as the prevention of workplace violence, workplace harassment and discrimination issues, posttraumatic stress disorder and malingering.

Click below to view Dr. Lipian’s introductory Workplace Violence video.

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