How Do You Know You’re Being Bullied at Work?

By January 25, 2018 Cyber Security

bulling at WorkIt’s not always easy to determine if you’re being bullied at work or you are just the unfortunate recipient of tough, possibly unpleasant, but still legitimate treatment by management or a colleague.

Here is a partial list of behaviors that may constitute workplace bullying:*

  • Your manager removes you from areas of responsibility without providing a reasonable cause.
  • A manager or a colleague intimidates you or someone else.
  • A manager or a colleague makes snide comments about you, your appearance and/or your work performance.
  • Your manager or work colleague takes actions that make it difficult for you to do your job.
  • Your manager or work colleague threatens you or abuses you physically.
  • Your manager changes your task instructions often and without cause.
  • People at work spread malicious rumors and/or gossip about you.
  • You feel that you are the target of unwanted attention, sexual or otherwise, by a superior or work colleague.
  • Your manager gives you impossible deadlines that you think are setting you up to fail.
  • You feel that you are being underutilized on purpose.
  • You feel that you are the target of incessant criticism by your manager or work colleague.
  • You are the target of yelling and/or profane language.
  • Someone tampers with your personal belongings and/or equipment at work.
  • You feel that you are the target of unwarranted and unexplained punishment or censure.
  • Managers ignore or reject your applications for training, medical or personal leave or promotion without an adequate explanation.
  • You feel that managers and/or work colleagues spy on you and invade your privacy without an explanation.
  • You receive abusive and/or insulting emails or other messages.

* Please note that these examples do not indicate a certain workplace bullying situation, but a preliminary indication that you should investigate further with the aid of the proper authorities at work or outside.

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