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Premises Liability: Who is Responsible?

The spate of recent active shooter incidents has resulted in tragic dead and wounded, and has spawned an array of lawsuits. Whether you have live music at a strip mall saloon in Sand Point Idaho, or present Cirque du Soleil in Reno, there exists the same likelihood you will be subjected to claims of negligence when something bad happens to people on your property.

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People Are Key

Internal theft is a major risk to every organization. It can cause loss in many ways: product, cash, company property, information and time (reduced productivity). These losses can happen anywhere: In your stores, offices and distribution centers, and within your logistics process and IT systems from the central database to mobile devices. All of these losses contribute to reduced profitability.

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Stanley Kirsch named Worldwide Manager of Sales

Mr. Kirsch’s background includes working as Macy’s East Director of Administrative Practices, Wackenhut’s Director of Investigations NYC, and VP Holmes Security. He is a former licensed New York State private investigator and adjunct instructor in NYU School of Continuing Education. Mr. Kirsch brings the highest form of integrity in improving quality and effectiveness in the workplace by drawing from his knowledge and he brings together experts to improve management’s goals in securing a safe public and private workplaces.

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