Getting A Grip On Air Rage Using Assertive-HonoringTM

By April 16, 2017 Aviation Security

Air rage incidents Air rage incidents are increasing annually at an alarming rate; flights get delayed, diverted, even cancelled, resulting in furious passengers, huge financial and reputation losses to airlines, and damage to the credibility of the entire aviation industry.

TAL Global’s aviation security and conflict management experts have designed Assertive-HonoringTM – a 1-day intensive Train-The-Trainers course, focused on equipping ground and cabin crews with a new set of innovative air-rage de-escalation tools.

Air-Rage – A Growing Concern

  • Airlines reported 10,854 air rage incidents during 2015, up from 9,316 in 2014.
  • Most incidents involve “anti-social” behavior, such as verbal abuse or the refusal to follow the instructions of cabin crew.
  • Physical aggression towards staff members or fellow passengers, or damage to the aircraft, occurs in 11% of cases.
  • 77% of incidents are not due to drunkenness.[1]

Assertive-HonoringTM– A New Set of De-Escalation Tools for Airlines

Most air-rage situations don’t just “explode”; they evolve gradually, giving ground and air crews ample opportunity to detect emerging conflicts, assert control and achieve de-escalation – before they have a full-blown emergency on their hands.

Assertive-HonoringTM includes a set of five tools – a cross-cultural hybrid of traditional and contemporary conflict mitigation practices, designed specifically to de-escalate conflicts before they reach a boiling point.

Using instruction, simulations and practice, airlines’ staff and cabin-crews will learn how to create the space necessary for both themselves and passengers to avoid being “hijacked” by their Amygdala into the limited reaction options of flight, fight or freeze. They will learn how to drive a discussion into the “yes” zone, and how to “cushion” a “No” with a usable “Yes”.

Assertive-HonoringTMconflict mitigation tools will teach ground and cabin crews the following skills:

  • Early detection of conflict and/or air-rage signs
  • Asserting authority without escalating
  • Pre-empting and de-escalating evolving conflicts
  • Effective communication with passengers, using special de-escalation techniques

The Benefits of Assertive-HonoringTM for the Aviation Industry

Assertive-HonoringTM tools will aid in the reduction in frequency and intensity of conflicts between staff and passengers; they will help reduce passenger and staff conflict-related traumas, reduce financial liability, flight delays, cancellations, and costly diversions, as well as the significant legal complications that tend to follow air-rage incidents. These tactics will also contribute to creating a safe working environment for staff and passengers.

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[1] Passenger ‘air rage’ incidents during flights on the rise

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