2014 Soccer World Cup Fans Experience Qylatron™ – a Novel Security Screening System

Qylatron - 2Soccer fans arriving at the recently renovated 43,900-seat Arena da Baixada stadium in Curitiba, Brazil have their belongings screened by Qylatron™ Entry Experience Solution, an innovative security screening system, developed by Qylur Security Systems, Inc. of Palo Alto, CA, USA.

According to company officials, the Qylatron, expedites and upgrades a venue’s security by performing five concurrent bag scans with patented, multi-threat detection that employs the fusion of multiple sensors. It is also equipped with an intelligent, threat-learning engine and ongoing updates that enable it to respond to ever-evolving threats, both locally and globally.

The officials explained that the Qylatron was designed specifically for sports and entertainment venues, monuments, and transportation hubs. The system’s multi-user screening solution combines the initial greeting and ticketing experience for fans with security screening. To that end, the Qylatron scans guest tickets, and screens bags to detect multiple security threats, a combined function that, according to officials, reduces security costs with up to 50-percent less staffing, and improves the guest experience with a self-service concept.

Users seem to agree. According to Mr. Hugo Ramos, Director of Agogo Marketing Promocional, the event operations company for the World Cup games in the cities of Curitiba and Salvador, “The Qylatron automated detection system not only provided highly reliable bag screening, it also put fans ‘back in charge’ of their own belongings as the nature of the Qylatron allowed fans to place their items into the honeycomb shaped device — that conducts five concurrent bag scans — and expedite their entry into the stadium.”  Mr. Ramos added that: “Rather than having stadium officials hand search personal bags, the Qylatron protects the personal dignity of fans and preserves the entertaining aspects of mass sporting events like the World Cup. We look forward to working with Qylur again as we set a new standard for fan experiences around the world.”

It appears that the new screening system brings a new dimension of utility and comfort to the screening market, an area that is traditionally the target of considerable criticism from both users and security officials. The ability to test the system, live and at such a sensitive venue, provided both vendors and users with an opportunity to view and experience an innovative security screening solution.

Dr. Lisa Dolev, Qylur’s founder and CEO, was satisfied with the performance of the Qylatron and with the response of the soccer fans: “We heard from dozens of soccer fans at the World Cup about how much fun they had personally interacting with the Qylatron. This is especially gratifying as it validates the core principle of why I founded Qylur — to preserve human liberty while offering the most advanced security-screening technology in the industry.” 

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