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Retail Loss Prevention – The Importance of Employee Awareness

retail loss prevention

One of the most critical components of a successful Retail Loss Prevention (RLP) program is the ability to gain the full support of your employees in carrying out the company’s loss prevention strategy. So how do you forge a knowledgeable and engaged workforce that will understand, comply with and execute the agreed-on RLP strategy? One way is through an effective awareness program.

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Reducing Healthcare Violence – It’s Time to Try Something Else

healthcare violence

A recent article in Security Magazine, titled “Patients Are People First”, starts with a grim statement: “Healthcare is one of the most violent professions in the private sector – the number of violent events in the healthcare workplace is on par with law enforcement and corrections.” According to Ryan Weber, the article’s writer, one of the causes of this spike in violence at healthcare facilities is the shift towards a focus on patient satisfaction, and the view of patients as customers, leading to a situation where: “… caretakers often forgo their own safety to produce results, creating a more unsafe work environment and potentially providing a lower level of care.”

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Implementing Effective In-store Audits

In-store audit

Audits can serve as an important vehicle for ensuring operational compliance, enhancing awareness and accountability, measuring key performance functions, and providing valuable teaching and training opportunities in a retail environment. Still, the impact of an audit on the business depends on the methods we employ, our approach, our attitude and the attitudes the audit fosters, during the audit, as we share the results with stakeholders, and in the post-audit support that we offer store teams.

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Sexual Harassment at Work – What To Do About It?

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment exists everywhere people come into contact, including at work. Workplace sexual harassment creates a disruptive and harmful environment that hurts the target of the act in the first place, but also damages work ethics, morale, productivity and communication, thereby impacting a company far beyond the immediate circle of the harasser and the harassed.

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School Violence – Difficult Times Require Strong Action

school shooter

The world is changing and with it, travel and the business environment. The Executive Protection (EP) profession must also evolve and adapt to provide answers to new and evolving challenges. For example, EP agents are no longer just security agents; they have to be able to provide competent guide services and first-class first-aid.

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