Erroll Southers Speaks at Congressional School Safety Caucus Event Blog Post

Dr. Erroll Southers, TAL Global’s Managing Director for Counter Terrorism and Infrastructure Protection, was an invited expert panelist last week in Washington D.C. at a school security event hosted by the Security Industry Association (SIA), a trade association for electronic and physical security solution providers, in cooperation with the Congressional School Safety Caucus on Capitol Hill.


From the Dust of Vacant Hi-Rise to National Safety Model Blog Post

Recently, TAL Global partnered with the Longwood Foundation to help transform the new Community Education Building (CEB), located in downtown Wilmington, Delaware, by turning it from a vacant bank headquarters into a state-of-the-art, safe and secure educational center, where thousands of K-12 pupils in multiple charter schools can focus and realize their academic goals.

false alarms

False Alarms and Alarm Fatigue Blog Post

We are living in a very edgy world right now. COVID-19, especially in the U.S., has turned everything upside down….

retail loss prevention

Retail Loss Prevention – The Importance of Employee Awareness Blog Post

One of the most critical components of a successful Retail Loss Prevention (RLP) program is the ability to gain the full support of your employees in carrying out the company’s loss prevention strategy. So how do you forge a knowledgeable and engaged workforce that will understand, comply with and execute the agreed-on RLP strategy? One way is through an effective awareness program.

healthcare violence

Reducing Healthcare Violence – It’s Time to Try Something Else Blog Post

A recent article in Security Magazine, titled “Patients Are People First”, starts with a grim statement: “Healthcare is one of the most violent professions in the private sector – the number of violent events in the healthcare workplace is on par with law enforcement and corrections.” According to Ryan Weber, the article’s writer, one of the causes of this spike in violence at healthcare facilities is the shift towards a focus on patient satisfaction, and the view of patients as customers, leading to a situation where: “… caretakers often forgo their own safety to produce results, creating a more unsafe work environment and potentially providing a lower level of care.”

Executive Protection

When Your Executive Protection is a Liability, Not an Asset Blog Post

Having the protection of armed bodyguards while traveling through or working in a high-crime or low security region or country can hardly be thought of as a problem. Yet, it turns out that employing improperly trained protection can increase your vulnerability rather than your safety.


Visiting Russia? Here’s What You Should Know Blog Post

World Cup 2018 kicks off in Russia this week, and will most likely be an exceptional experience for most. However, you should be aware of some security and safety concerns that may impact your travel to Russia, including: anti-western sentiment, hooliganism, racist violence, intimidation, intolerance towards the LGBT community, organized crime activity, petty crime, corporate and national espionage and terrorism, just to name a few.

arming teachers

Is Arming Teachers The Answer? Blog Post

We don’t think so. TAL Global’s position remains focused on working with educational institutions to detect, mitigate and implement sensible solutions to prevent school violence.

family security plan

Having a Family Security Plan to Protect Your #1 Asset Blog Post

Does your family know what to do in case of an emergency? As a husband and father of two, the safety of my immediate family is always my top priority, and as my decades of work in the security industry have taught me – emergencies and disasters strike unexpectedly and when you are least prepared.

negligence claims

Premises Liability, Negligence Claims, and Responsibility Blog Post

The spate of recent active shooter incidents has resulted in tragic dead and wounded, and has spawned an array of lawsuits. Whether you have live music at a strip mall saloon in Sand Point Idaho, or present Cirque du Soleil in Reno, there exists the same likelihood you will be subjected to claims of negligence when something bad happens to people on your property.