Workplace Violence

Combating Workplace Violence - The Scientific Approach

Workplace violence is on the rise; the triggers are multiple and include economic hardship, failing personal relationships, feelings of personal failure, actual or perceived injustice in the workplace, and even traumatic family events (e.g., death, illness, injury).

The cost of workplace violence is enormous: hundreds of fatalities every year (murder is the leading cause of death for women in the workplace), thousands of traumatized workers and billions of dollars in economic damage.

Organizations affected by workplace violence are often found liable for negligence because they had no workplace violence prevention plan in place. Despite the human and financial threats, many organizations are still vulnerable, operating with neither an appropriate process nor proper training.

Our Workplace Violence Department is headed by Dr. Mark Lipian, one of America's leading forensic psychiatrists and workplace violence experts. Dr. Lipian has developed, tested, and practices a holistic, 4-stage process, designed to provide a comprehensive danger management response to threats of workplace violence:

  • Stage 1 - Immediate Intervention: When something happens, we will be on site immediately, to help contain the situation, prevent further escalation, and provide instant security and safety to people and property.
  • Stage 2 - Threat and violence Assessment: We use multiple diagnostic, investigative and analytic tools to get to the root of the situation.
  • Stage 3 - Action Plan: Once we feel that we understand the situation, we develop and implement a comprehensive action plan, including medical and psychiatric assessments, profiling, resource allocation, legal, vocational, security and law enforcement guidelines.
  • Stage 4 - Organizational "Inoculation": Using internal and external personnel, hardware and software security measures, and even stealth resources, we make sure that you and your personnel are trained to handle future events early and expeditiously.
Dr. Mark Lipian, M.D., Ph.D. Clinical and Forensic Psychiatrist

In addition to his position with TAL Global, Dr. Lipian is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at both UCLA and the University of California at Irvine. He is also Medical Director of the Orange County Conditional Release Program, a clinic for court-mandated treatment of mentally ill offenders.