Security Starts With Us

As an International Security firm we provide a unique combination of both the Strategic elements required to address the most current threats and security requirements and the Tactical capabilities to effectively mitigate the risk and set up the security elements required to mitigate your risks.

Our strong ties to academia and to leading Think Tanks around the world put us in a unique position to deliver to our customers solutions that leverage the most advanced thinking and address the most current threats, combined with operational capabilities to successfully implement these solutions.

We provide security services in the following key areas:

  • Aviation Security
  • Cyber Security
  • Seaports Security
  • Maritime Security
  • Mass Transportation
  • Chemical Security
  • Nuclear Security
  • Border Security
  • Large Events Security
  • Hostile Activity

Our clients include:

  • Countries
  • Municipalities, State and Federal bodies
  • Fortune 1,000 Corporations
  • Private entities

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