If You Will Not Manage Your Risks, They Will Manage You

Risk ManagementKnowledge, preparedness and a practiced action plans are critical factors in maintaining safe and secure working environments.

Directors and executives are required today to identify critical assets (people, processes, operations) and their subsequent protection requirements, including any future expenditures required to facilitate them.

Exposures such as: Workplace Violence, Terrorists Threats, Crimes against Assets & People, Cyber Crime, Unfamiliar Laws & Regulations must be minimized as part of general business practices.

Headed by Peter Franklin, TAL Global’s extensive Risk Management practice helps organizations identify and mitigate risk factors to protect critical infrastructure and assets; applying a systematic risk assessment methodology to determine the state of the client’s security posture and measuring it against where they need to be based on their specific operational Risk Profile.

Combined with our other practices for Cyber Security, Counter-Terrorism, Emergency Management, Protection and Security TAL Global is in a unique position to enable organizations to have a comprehensive and practical Risk Management approach where they identify and isolate security weaknesses before they become liabilities. Some of the services include:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Vulnerability & Threats Evaluation
  • Precipitating Events Evaluation
  • Assessment Models
  • Mitigation & Containment Plans

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