Protect What Matters Most

protection servicesAt TAL Global, our goal is simple: reduce risk and increase security for our clients. Our Protection business line of services is focused on assisting out clients in protecting People, Assets and Operations, to ensure a safe and secure environment for them to maximize their business and avoid unnecessary interruptions or loss.

Covering 80 countries with more than 280 local resources, our global network is at your disposal, to:

Protect Your Protect Against
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • High Value Targets
  • Leadership & Key Employees
  • Operations & Supply Chain
  • Key Events & Meetings
  • Travel
  • International Facilities – Turnkey Security Management
  • Health & Safety
  • Physical Assets
  • Individuals
  • Specific Threats (RIF’s, Workplace Violence, etc.)
  • Fraud & Counterfeiting
  • Organized crime, money laundering & terrorism funding activities
  • IP & Information leaks
  • Foreign

Services in focus:


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