School Safety and Security

The more we know about its causes and about the ways we can detect, deter and reduce school violence, the safer our schools will become.

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Aviation Security

Comprehensive array of counter terrorism, critical infrastructure protection, emergency response, disaster mitigation planning, and risk management services designed to protect the aviation domain.
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Stadium Security

Securing athletes, sporting events, spectators, facilities, lodging, transportation and executives is one of TAL Global’s main areas of expertise.

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Risk Management

The Science and Art of Assessing, Containing, & Mitigating Your Risks and Threats

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The practices, tactics, and strategies to mitigate  or respond to terrorist threats and/or acts, both real and imputed.

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As an International Security firm we provide a unique combination of both the Strategic elements required to address the most current threats and security requirements …

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Cyber Security

TAL Global presents a unique Sun Tzu-like approach; we help our clients think more like the enemy and consider the “why” of attacks as an effective mean for mitigating their risks.

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Emergency Management

Assisting clients in Preparing and Managing Crises of ALL types

Emergency Preparedness
Crisis Management
Crisis Communication

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Providing a worldwide comprehensive array of protection services designed to enable you to achieve the highest level of security and loss prevention across the world.

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TAL Global combines seasoned investigators with state-of-the-art equipment to perform the most discrete investigations in the most sensitive and critical environments.

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