International Risk Management Solutions

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Directors and executives have an ongoing responsibility to maximize the protection of their organization’s critical assets (people, processes, operations).

There is no organization that does not face a variety of risks – some constant, some changing, some physical, some economic, some regulatory, some cultural. Risk and it’s management is an integral part of the lifecycle of every organization, and it is very much up to each organization to determine its attitude and approach to managing risks. There are multiple approaches to risk management, including risk assumption, risk avoidance, risk retention, risk transfer, or a combination of these and other strategies. The only approach that is totally unacceptable is no approach.

The Basics of Risk Management

Risk management is a disciplined process that requires – at the same time –perseverance and adherence to procedures, as well as an open mind and the ability to identify newly evolving and changing risks and organizing to manage them at a moment’s notice.

At a minimum, managing risks requires the following steps:

  1. Identifying the Risks
  2. Identify the Causes of the Risks
  3. Identifying the Steps Required to Reduce Risks
  4. Establishing Likelihood and Consequence Descriptors
  5. Establishing Risk Rating Descriptors
  6. Making Risk Reducing Decisions
  7. Analyzing the Consequences of Risk Reducing Decision
  8. Making Optimizing Changes Based on the Analysis of the Consequences of Risk Reducing Decision

TAL Global’s experienced Risk Management practice will help your organization identify and mitigate risk factors such as:

  • Workplace violence
  • Terrorists threats
  • Crimes against assets & people
  • Cyber crime

We will provide management and personnel with the experience and tools necessary to help make informed decisions on critical issues at critical times.

We will work with you to minimize your exposure and vulnerabilities and actively protect your critical infrastructure and assets.

Our goal is to ensure that your specific risks are managed wisely, aggressively and cost-effectively.

Every one of our specialized departments (Cyber Security, Counter- Terrorism, Emergency Management, Protection and Security) will take part in a concerted effort to identify and isolate vulnerabilities before they become liabilities.

Just like you proactively run your business, we don’t believe in waiting for risks to become problems or disasters. That’s why we will work with your organization to create and maintain a culture of resilience, using the following tools:

  • Ongoing analysis and auditing
  • Constant monitoring
  • Preparation
  • Training
  • Tested readiness

We will use a disciplined process of risk identification and management to ensure that your organization is always ready to face the expected, and capable of mounting a rapid response and recovery when/if the unexpected occurs.

While risks remain a permanent fact of life, the nature and impact of risks changes constantly, requiring vigilance and resilience. At TAL Global, our Team of Experts will lead by example and bring to bear their experience and over-the-horizon resources to minimize your risks and give you the tools to overcome – even thrive – through crisis.

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Mr. Forrest P. Franklin, D.A.B.F.E Managing Director, Physical Security Management / Risk Management

Forrest (Peter) Franklin, former Director of Security & Fire/Life Safety at the TransAmerica Pyramid, and the Embarcadero Center, leads TAL Global’s extensive Risk Management practice.

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