Effective Retail Loss Prevention (LP)

Retail Loss Prevention (LP) – Protecting Merchandise, Money and Employees

Effective Loss Prevention (LP) is mandatory for the success of any retail establishment. A well-run Retail LP program improves profitability by protecting merchandise during every step of the retail process, thereby increasing product availability. This includes properly managing inventory, effective procedures meant to protect an organization from theft and other unlawful practices and improving cash flow by protecting cash and credit sales. It also increases employees’ safety by reducing worker’s comp claims and creates an environment where employees feel valued and productive.

Today’s Retail LP services include strategies and policies designed to increase accountability by creating partnerships with management, employees, customers, and communities.  Accountability means that everybody involved with the retail experience is physically, psychologically and emotionally engaged in loss prevention.  These strategies and policies are supported and enabled by technology to maximize their effectiveness.

TAL Global’s Retail LP Department, headed by Mr. Mike Keenan, a veteran Retail LP innovator, offers a wide spectrum of services and capabilities – from controlling losses, protecting facilities and keeping employees safe, to complex investigations, business intelligence and Business Continuity Planning (BCP).  TAL Global’s Retail LP Department brings clients a unique offering of skills and experiences, spanning retail loss control, use of innovative technologies and employee ethics and behavior (including behavior management and customer conflict resolution).

Among the LP tools that TAL Global employs to help retailers control loss and keep employees’ safe are:

  • Audits (Inspect what you Expect)
  • Internal and External Theft controls, such as CCTV, Alarm Systems, Smart Safes, Access Control, Facial Recognition
  • Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)
  • Inventory Controls (receiving, sales, returns and damages)
  • Returns Authorization
  • Shopping Patterns Tracking
  • Shoplifting Prevention Techniques
  • Organized Retail Crime (ORC) Mitigation Tools
  • Inventory Controls (receiving, sales, returns and damages)
  • Case Management
  • Cash Controls
  • Bad Debt Controls
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • Inventory Protection Devices
  • Honesty Shopping Campaigns and Ethics Priming
  • Paperwork/ Systemic Controls
  • Awareness Programs
  • Employee and Customer Safety
  • Exception Reporting
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Mike Keenan: Managing Director Loss PreventionMike Keenan
Managing Director, Retail Loss Prevention

With more than 35 years of professional Retail Loss Prevention (LP) experience, Mr. Mike Keenan, a former Foreign Counter-Intelligence Specialist with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), is a consummate loss prevention professional, consultant, advocate and educator.

During his long career, Mr. Keenan has managed Retail LP for a wide spectrum of major retailers throughout North America, including Macy’s, Ross, Mervyn’s, Longs Drugs and GAP – each with its own unique set of challenging features. Mr. Keenan brought to each of these retailers a growing expertise as well as an ability to implement unique solutions that contributed to substantial reductions in losses and increased employee safety. He did this by growing employee involvement, accountability, and responsibility.

Click HERE to read an in-depth interview with Mike Keenan.

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