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October, 2017
Keeping Business Travel Safe

Doing the Right Things – Keeping Business Travel Safe (Part II) – On Location

Having completed the travel part of your trip – or at least the first half of it – you often find yourself in an unfamiliar land. You do not speak the language and may not be fully aware of local threats and vulnerabilities.
August, 2017

Threat of Violence (TOV) – Safe Termination Procedures

Terminating an employee can be traumatic for the employee, and a difficult task for managers, supervisors, and HR professionals. Beyond normal terminations, terminating an employee that may respond violently requires special attention and special preparations. Incomplete or incorrect handling of the termination process of a violent employee may result in dire consequences, physically, psychologically, legally and financially. The guidance of a professional in the preparation for such proceedings can prevent significant complications down the road.
August, 2017

How to Survive an Inner City Terror Truck?

More than 100 innocent people were murdered this year in Europe by terrorists wielding an old-new weapon of mass disruption – a truck. By following a rather simple set of rules, it is possible to minimize your chance of becoming a victim of a terror truck attack.
August, 2017

3 Steps To Identifying The Right Loss Prevention Technology

Technology is an enabler that impacts all areas of Loss Prevention (LP). Mike Keenan, TAL Global’s new Managing director of Retail Loss Prevention, and an industry veteran, recommends a disciplined method for identifying and utilizing the right technology for your retail business.
August, 2017

Evacuating Your Employees from War Zones

With the rising tensions in the Korean peninsula, governments such as Japan’s and the US’s have not left anything to chance by investing heavily in practicing the evacuation of their citizens in the event war. This is a smart move, considering the chaos, confusion, and sometimes panic that often accompany such events.
August, 2017

School Shooting – The Impact

A school shooting event is a traumatic experience for students, teachers and the entire community. These incidents can affect students’ decision about whether to stay at their school, affect their cognitive skills, and influence their behavior at school.
August, 2017

Cyber Bullying – It’s Deadly Serious

If anyone doubted the deadly seriousness of cyber bullying, the suicide of 12-year-old Mallory Grossman of Rockaway, New Jersey, on June 14, 2017, should have dispelled those doubts.
July, 2017

Famous Last Words: “It Would Never Happen Here”

School administrators, security officials, educators and community members tend to think that exceptional instances of crime and violence at schools are a phenomenon confined to certain geographic areas, socio-economic levels, and ages. While this kind of perspective is understandable, data dispels this notion completely.
July, 2017

Accountability at All Levels: The Antidote to Retail Losses

We took the opportunity to sit down with Mike Keenan, TAL Global’s Managing Director for Retail Loss Prevention, for an in-depth interview about his area of expertise and his vision of the future of Retail LP.
July, 2017

Minority Report – Only This Time For Real

If you think Minority Report was just another science fiction movie, think again. In the movie, a special law enforcement unit used unusual psychic capabilities to arrest and convict criminals before they commit their crimes (murders in this case). In real life, Israel’s Internal Security Service (ISS), known locally as the “Shin Bet”, is using, among other tactics, elaborate, big data-based and "Deep Learning" algorithms to detect and arrest would-be Palestinian terrorists.
July, 2017

Like the Terrorists, It’s Time We Start Adapting to Aviation Security’s Threats and Vulnerabilities

Periodic red team challenges to TSA defenses have been delivering pretty much the same grim results for the past decade. Somehow, we manage to shove the bad news under the carpet, shrug, and move on. Seems like we have adapted to repressing the bad news about our abilities to mitigate actual threats much faster than we are adopting innovative new ways to mitigate our existing and evolving vulnerabilities and threats.