News & Updates

June, 2017

Mr. Mike Keenan Joins TAL Global as Managing Director, Retail Loss Prevention

TAL Global Corporation is proud to announce that Mr. Mike Keenan has joined its ranks as Managing Director of the Retail Loss Prevention (LP) division.
April, 2017

Workplace Violence: Statistics, Profile and Best Practices

Information about workplace violence including definition, statistics and workplace violence mitigation best practices
April, 2017

Getting A Grip On Air Rage Using Assertive-HonoringTM

What is Assertive-HonoringTM and how it can help the aviation industry to manage air-rage incidents. Read about our unique de-escalation tools.
April, 2017

Secure Schools Alliance Research and Education, Police Foundation and TAL Global releases a list of free safety and security facility assessments for K-12 public schools.

The Alliance partnered with the Police Foundation and Dr. Erroll Southers of TAL Global to develop the list, which is intended to offer school administrators, superintendents and law enforcement access to the best safety and security facility assessments at no cost to schools.
March, 2017

Workplace Violence – 2017 Trends

What does the future hold for those impacted by workplace violence and those dedicated to find ways to mitigate its destructive impact on people and organizations?
March, 2017

Workplace Violence – Cyber Bullying

All about cyber-bullying in the workplace, including a checklist for employees and employers, case studies and solutions for cyber workplace violence. 
March, 2017

Reducing Risks by Adding “Empathy Intelligence” to Our TDMTM Toolbox

Aviation counter-terrorism efforts seem to have produced a reasonable, though by all means not water-tight, defense against a determined and highly adaptive adversary. Maybe it's time to add some tricks that may not cost so much but have a chance of giving an additional boost to aviation security.
March, 2017

Threats, Violence and attempted Terror Attacks on German Assets

Germany: threats, violence and attempted terror attacks on public spaces including sport venues, shopping centers, government buildings, and transportation hubs.
March, 2017

The Terror Attack in London – Expect More of the Same in Europe and US as ISIS Loses its Grip?

Professor Erroll Southers, USC’s Director of Homegrown Violent Extremism (HVE) Program, and Managing Director of TAL Global’s Managing Director, Counter-Terrorism & Infrastructure Protection, discussing the recent London terror attack.
March, 2017

Undercover Workplace Investigation – The Quiet Way to Preempt and Mitigate

Undercover workplace investigation is an effective way to deal with multiple workplace challenges. Read more about undercover investigations benefits, vulnerabilities and services.
March, 2017

Workplace Investigations: Avoid Mistakes, Get Results

Workplace investigations can help your organization, but they can hurt it too: our seasoned experts will help you maximize the benefits and avoid painful pitfalls