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October, 2017
Workplace Bullying Time to Grab the Problem by the Horns

Workplace Bullies – Dealing with Delicate Situations

Dealing with workplace bullying situations is always a challenging task. There are, however, circumstances where the complexity and the challenges faced by the responsible authorities are even greater than usual.
October, 2017
Keeping Business Travel Safe

Doing the Right Things – Keeping Business Travel Safe (Part II) – On Location

Having completed the travel part of your trip – or at least the first half of it – you often find yourself in an unfamiliar land. You do not speak the language and may not be fully aware of local threats and vulnerabilities.
October, 2017
Aviation Security

Doing the Right Things – Keeping Business Travel Safe (Part I) – Before You Leave

When you travel, you and your property can be subjected to a variety of threats such as those of a criminal variety, espionage and terrorism.
September, 2017
drone security

Drone Security – It’s the One You Don’t See That Will Get You

DBIEDs or Drone Borne Improvised Explosive devices can turn into real threats. They are small, quiet, almost invisible, and they can, directly and indirectly, cause substantial damage.
September, 2017

TAL Global Retail Loss Prevention – “Team of Experts”

Retail loss prevention has long ceased to be a single-expert effort. The complexity of any retail environment requires the experience, insight and innovativeness of experts from multiple disciplines. That's exactly what TAL Global’s “Team Of Experts” concept offers.
September, 2017

Crisis in Southeast Asia – Making Smart Continuity of Business Decisions

Southeast Asia and the Korean Peninsula in particular have been dealing with a growing wave of alarming news: missiles and threats seem to fly with increasing frequency and magnitude; nuclear tests and talk of apocalypse, sanctions and the beating of the war drums are sure to set people’s nerves on edge.
September, 2017

Retail Loss Prevention in the Age of Online Shopping

Retail is diversifying and moving away from the traditional brick-and-mortar domain; it is reasonable to assume that retail loss and with it retail loss prevention will also evolve in interesting and challenging ways. Mike Keenan, a veteran RLP innovator, is looking at some of the directions RLP may take in the near and medium future.
September, 2017

Grabbing Workplace Bullying By The Horns

According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, bullying is four times more common than sexual harassment or racial discrimination on the job. At the upcoming ASIS 2017, R3 Continuum’s Dr. George Vergolias, and TAL Global's Oscar Villanueva will grab the troublesome phenomenon of Workplace Bullying by the horns, Explore how to define its psychological origins, how to identify it, and how to prevent it.
September, 2017

How to Make a Smart Decision When Choosing an Anti-Drone System?

Security managers are rightly concerned about keeping their facilities safe and secure and have started looking into solutions. As with any new market for anti-UAV systems, they are finding themselves bombarded by conflicting information, confusing claims and partial cost and performance data.
September, 2017

How not to Get Ripped Off When Considering Counter-Drone Technology?

Against a background of intelligence that terrorists are increasingly viewing drones as weapons of choice for attacks against stadiums and other large public venues, security officials are being bombarded, with technologies to counter this looming threat.
September, 2017

The Future of Retail Loss Prevention

The retail industry is also undergoing what may be termed the most radical transition since the establishment of the store, and along with it, we will see major changes in retail loss prevention.