The Fine Art of Defending Against Kidnap For Ransom and Extortion (KRE)

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The Fine Art of Defending Against Kidnap For Ransom and Extortion (KRE)

Being the victim or the relative of a Kidnap for Ransom (KRE) and Extortion crime is the embodiment of a living nightmare. The agony of uncertainty, and the mental, as well as physical suffering the victim and her/his entire circle of loved ones undergo are hard to imagine. Yet, kidnap for ransom and extortion of C-Suite executives or other employees are among the most serious criminal acts and threats faced by a company – and they are as ubiquitous as they are under-reported.

Kidnap For Ransom and Extortion (KRE)– The Statistics

Here are some numbers that highlight the magnitude of the problem: [1]

  • At least 15,000 to 20,000 KRE crimes are committed each year around the world
  • This number does not include unreported incidents, which, according to some estimates, are considered the majority (around 80,000)
  • About 35% of KRE crimes took place in Asia, followed by Africa (30%), the Americas (21%), Middle East (12%), and Europe/Russia (2%)
  • KRE crimes are a very “lucrative” business, bringing it perpetrators an estimated $1.5 billion in ransom payments each year
  • Nigeria was the KRE “leader” in 2014, followed by Mexico.

KRE can result in injury or death to the victims, significant financial loss, severe disruption of operations, and potential damage to company brand. Mitigating this risk is a common and sound security and business decision, and a practice embraced by most corporations.

Mitigating risk in a corporate environment is an important and – at times – difficult challenge. The criminals the “specialize” in this time of crime are well financed, know their terrain intimately, enjoy a large, local, support network, employ excellent intelligence resources, and are highly adaptive. Therefore, risks from this type of crime is varied and unanticipated, and proper mitigation requires careful consideration and expert auditing, advice, planning and execution from seasoned Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

One of the special areas requiring careful attention is Kidnap for ransom (K&R). K&R targets are usually C-Suite level executives or similar strategic individuals, but can be anyone representing a local or international organization. And the risk and vulnerability increase significantly during international travel, especially when visiting specific regions where this crime is commonplace.

TAL global’s Team of KRE and K&R Experts are ready to help with a complete line of door-to-door travel services, focused on outsmarting the criminals while always maintaining the security and safety of the client as the highest priority.

K&R and KRE events are exactly the type of situations where the character and experience of the person managing the crisis is of the utmost importance. Prior experience is essential for proper communication with both criminals and local authorities; Ability to simultaneously manage communications, negotiate and maintain calm by all involved is key. Such individuals are rare and without them the chances of things going wrong increase significantly.

This is why TAL Global’s K&R and KRE teams include exactly these kind of specialists; they have been through dozens of such events, are familiar with the locations, personalities and special circumstances, such as political situation, and will be able to take command and manage the crisis to an optimal resolution.

There are many facts and issues that for security reasons we cannot discuss publically. Please contact us to tell us of your concerns and learn more.

[1] A Guide To Kidnap & Ransom Insurance Coverage

The multibillion-dollar business of ransom

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