Executive Protection

Protect What Matters Most

Every organization’s top priority is protecting the safety and security of its people, assets and operations. This is exactly what TAL Global’s worldwide network of security professionals focuses on: creating and sustaining a safe and secure environment for our clients and their businesses – at all times and under all circumstances.

Our global network of security professionals is at your disposal, to maximize your freedom to do business, to help you avoid unnecessary interruptions or loss, and to bring you to safety whenever and wherever necessary.

We Protect:
  • Individuals
  • High Value Targets
  • Leadership & Key Employees
  • Health & Safety
  • Travel
  • Key Events & Meetings
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • International Facilities
  • Physical Assets
  • Operations & Supply Chain
Against These Threats:

What is Executive Protection?

The “generic” definition of Executive Protection (EP) services (also known as Close Personal Protection services) refers to a wide and varied set of security and safety measures that a professional service provider takes to ensure the safety and security of personnel, both domestically and during overseas travel, and sometimes in challenging environments..

Executive Protection is not a luxury

When it comes to making use of EP services, sometimes perceptions of unnecessary luxury and costs take precedence over facts.

So, here are some relevant facts:

“Executive” Means “Everybody” - First of all, let’s dispense with the “elitist” undertone of the term“Executive Protection”. It’s not the job title that is protected; it’s the person, the group, sometimes entire families – but always a person.

Providing professional security services to any employee who needs them makes plain good sense. Organizations are information highways; exposing one employee to undue risk– regardless of rank or role – is an act that will surely reverberate throughout the organization, doing real damage to employee morale and to their future willingness to go all-out for the mission and the company. Conversely, a story of a company that does what is needed to ensure the safety and security of its employees, whoever they are, wherever they are, will also be highly effective in boosting employees’ morale, commitment and possibly productivity.

Executive Protection is Not an Expensive Luxury – It is true that some companies brand their Executive Protection services as exclusive “Executive” provisions, delivered in a glossy package with an appropriately “executive” price tag.

How Does Executive Protection Work?

TIdeally, using close personal protection services is as simple and as convenient as using a limousine service. The client notifies the service provider of the specific needs relevant to each trip; the service provider makes sure that the client’s safety and security are tended to as required. For example, a security professional will pick the traveler up at the airport, and transport her/him to the hotel or meeting place. Thereafter, the security driver and/or security detail will convey the traveler to any other required location, including, upon departure, back to the airport.

How Does Executive Protection differ From a Regular Limousine service?

Executive Protection is, indeed, a straight forward service most of the time, but is very different from a limo service. A limo driver’s job is to drive people from one place to another. A security driver is not tasked simply with transporting the passenger, but with ensuring the safety of the client throughout the mission. To that end, a security driver is by no means only a driver. He/she is also a trained and certified security professional, capable of taking proactive action to ensure the safety and security of the passenger under regular or emergency conditions, such as attempted robbery or carjacking, road-rage, freak weather event, or mechanical malfunction that results in the vehicle being immobile in a dangerous neighborhood.

Furthermore, an Executive Protection mission starts well before the driver picks up the passenger. It starts with an intelligence gathering session where the security driver makes sure he/she is up-to-date on the latest safety and security aspects of the mission. He/she collects and verifies answers to questions like: Is there criminal/gang activity along or near the planned travel route? Is there planned construction or other activities along the planned route that may cause delays and further complicate the security situation? What alternate routes may be used in the event a change is recommended?

Why choose TAL Global’s Executive Protection Service?

TAL Global’s answer to the challenge of merging cost-effectiveness with fast and professional Executive Protection service around the world is the creation of a Global Network of Local Resources. TAL Global invested years developing and nurturing a global network of professional security and safety professionals, covering 80 countries, with more than 280 local professional resources.

Our EP team members are licensed (CA PPO+PI) and are rigorously vetted to ensure both integrity and professionalism. Each protective agent is tested for performance, judgment and ability to fit in the field and in every business environment.

Johnathan Tal, head of executive protection team

Your Executive Protection service is developed under the personal guidance of Mr. Johnathan Tal, our Chief Executive Officer.

Johnathan is a seasoned security and counter-terrorism executive, with decades of combined management and hands-on experience in the field, throughout the world.

The protective agents, those individuals that work directly with clients, have a proven record of performance, good judgment, and are “Board Room” tested – they know how to “blend in” to any situation to minimize presence while maximizing protection.

But TAL Global does not believe that being able to react well provides a sufficient service; true to our company’s philosophy of preemption and mitigation, we take full advantage of our local connections and resources to employ a continuous intelligence effort around each client’s itinerary. Our professionals collect, evaluate, update and build a real-time threat map as a routine part of each project’s execution, and then use that knowledge to maximize ongoing protection, while at the same time saving the expensive outlay of resources that comes with “knee jerk” responses and reactions to unforeseen circumstances.

Our intimate knowledge of each specific area of operations allows us to deploy the most optimal configuration of personnel and advanced measures, including electronic technologies, firearm expertise, defensive driving, and much more.

And, of course, a TAL Global team leader at headquarters level, someone you know and trust, will always be there to liaise, quarterback and drive operations. The end product of all these inputs is a flexible, adaptable, and cost-effective EP model that fits today’s global companies and security challenges.