Emergency Preparedness

Meet Your Emergencies Prepared

Natural and human-­caused disasters are complex to foresee, plan for and respond to. Yet, the penalties for failing to face a disaster prepared are huge. No one is immune - whether your company is small, or you are responsible for large scale or global operations.

TAL Global will work with you to understand your organization, its strengths, needs and vulnerabilities; together, we will create a comprehensive emergency management plan, implement and test it, and train your employees and executives to ensure it safeguards your people and assets and maintains operational continuity. And in time of need, we will be right there, with you, to make sure you can respond and recover fast.

We bring you decades of experience, with in-house experts that combine academic research with hands-on work in the field, and familiarity with the latest technological developments.

Lucien Canton Emergency PreparednessYour Emergency Preparedness and Response Program is developed under the guidance of Mr. Lucien G. Canton, our Managing Director for Emergency Preparedness.

Lucien, a former Director of Emergency Services for the City of San Francisco, has over 30 years experience in planning for and managing emergencies with government and private sector organizations.