Cyber Security

Secure Your Networked World

Threats are NOT under your control; they are “out there”, changing constantly, and requiring special expertise to understand and deal with. On the other hand, your vulnerabilities are under your control, and are likely known to your adversaries, perhaps better than to you.

Our Cyber Security Program is built on two holistic principles - combining technology and the appropriate, proactive procedures. This better enables us to work with you in determining the operational plan and tactical steps necessary to establish a multi-layered cyber protection universe.

Know   Yourself

Risk management is the art of the possible. We will work with you to assess your risks pragmatically.

This discovery process includes:

  • Sensitive Information identification, classification, review and analysis
  • Asset inventory and management review
  • Policy and process review
  • Personnel security review

Know   Your   Enemy

There are five tasks you should execute to better “Know Your Enemy”:

  • Qualitative assessment of existing cyber security posture
  • Technical snapshot: assessing vulnerability of networks & systems
  • Develop “where you should be” (ISO 27000 series)
  • Review personnel security programs (hiring, social media, visitors, etc.)
  • Create a competitive intelligence program

We surround you, your family, your home, your transportation modes and your work environment - worldwide - with holistic, multi-layers of detection, protection and deterrence, so you can be confident in knowing your data is secure.

Lawrence Dietz Cyber SecurityLarry Dietz, TAL Global’s Managing Director of Cyber Security, leads our Cyber Security operations, using in-house and external experts. Other departments, such as Investigations, Emergency Preparedness, and Protection, provide expert support when/where needed.

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