Workplace Violence

April, 2017

Workplace Violence: Statistics, Profile and Best Practices

Information about workplace violence including definition, statistics and workplace violence mitigation best practices
March, 2017

Workplace Violence – 2017 Trends

What does the future hold for those impacted by workplace violence and those dedicated to find ways to mitigate its destructive impact on people and organizations?
March, 2017

Workplace Violence – Cyber Bullying

All about cyber-bullying in the workplace, including a checklist for employees and employers, case studies and solutions for cyber workplace violence. 
March, 2017

Workplace Violence in Healthcare: All About the New Cal/OSHA Rules

What You Need to Know: New Cal/OSHA Workplace Violence Rules for Health Care Facilities, based on a webinar by TAL Global and Arent Fox LLP.
February, 2017

Using “Assertive HonoringTM” Method to Expand Your Healthcare Facility Conflict De-escalation Toolbox

Learn how to use “Assertive Honoring” to expand your conflict management and conflict de-escalation toolbox in healthcare facilities.
January, 2017

TAL Global and Arent Fox New CALOSHA Workplace Violence Rules Webinar

Please join us for a free webinar designed to help […]
December, 2016

Forensic Psychiatry – An Unusual Mental Health Defense

While we've gotten used to hearing plaintiffs use arguments about the impact of alleged sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation in the workplace, on their physical and mental health, a recent court case vividly demonstrated how the defense can make use of forensic psychiatry to counter these claims.
November, 2016

Worldwide Multi-National Reduction In Force (RIF) – An Ounce of Preparation Can Prevent A Pound of Lawsuits

Reduction In Force (RIF) is the process used to trim full time employment positions. TAL Global has provided security and assurance during many RIF operations.
November, 2015

The Challenge – Proactive Hospital Security

Medical Centers and other healthcare facilities face a growing need to manage a spectrum of security issues ranging from workplace violence, through crimes against assets and people, to cyber incidents and even terrorist threats.
April, 2015

Combating Workplace Violence – The Scientific Approach

TAL Global's Workplace Violence Department headed by Dr. Mark Lipian, one of America’s leading forensic psychiatrists and workplace violence experts. has developed, tested, and practices a holistic, 4-stage process, designed to provide a comprehensive danger management response to threats of workplace violence.