Workplace Violence

April, 2017

Workplace Violence: Statistics, Profile and Best Practices

Information about workplace violence including definition, statistics and workplace violence mitigation best practices
April, 2017

Workplace Bullying – Time to Grab This Problem by the Horns

All about workplace bullying: what is the definition of workplace bullying, what's its impact on the company and how to deal with it?
May, 2017

Threat Assessment Investigations – A Useful Tool to Manage Workplace Violence Incidents

Workplace violence (WPV) incidents are on the rise. How to prevent them using advanced investigative tools? Click to learn more.
June, 2017

Threat Assessments, Key in Mitigating Termination-Related Workplace Violence

Yet again, on Monday, June 5, 2017, a fired employee returned to his former workplace, entered through the back door and murdered five of his former colleagues and managers.
June, 2017

UPS Employee Opens Fire at San Francisco Package Delivery Facility

38-year-old Jimmy Lam, a supposed UPS employee, was identified as the gunman who killed three men and wounded two others at a UPS facility in San Francisco and then killed himself, early on Wednesday, June 14, 2017.
June, 2017

Paying Attention to Gender Differences in Workplace Violence Incidents

Workplace violence is becoming an epidemic throughout the world and in America in particular. Recent statistics by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows a significant gender variant in workplace violence incidents.
July, 2017

Doctor Opens Fire on Former Colleagues at a Bronx Hospital

Dr. Henry Bello walked into his former place of employment, the Bronx Lebanon Hospital, Thursday, June 30, in the early afternoon, and opened fire from an AR-15 assault rifle, killing one doctor and injuring six others, including other doctors.
July, 2017

FBI Statistics: Active Shooter Incidents in Places of Commerce Keep Rising

In the wake of the recent active shooter incidents in American workplaces, maybe it’s time to take a hard look at the numbers and what they mean.
July, 2017

Workplace Violence: Dealing with Immediate vs. Potential Threats

A response to violence in progress or immediately evolving threats at work is different from a response to potential threats. Employees and management should learn to differentiate between the two and to respond appropriately.
August, 2017

Threat of Violence (TOV) – Safe Termination Procedures

Terminating an employee can be traumatic for the employee, and a difficult task for managers, supervisors, and HR professionals. Beyond normal terminations, terminating an employee that may respond violently requires special attention and special preparations. Incomplete or incorrect handling of the termination process of a violent employee may result in dire consequences, physically, psychologically, legally and financially. The guidance of a professional in the preparation for such proceedings can prevent significant complications down the road.