August, 2017

Evacuating Your Employees from War Zones

With the rising tensions in the Korean peninsula, governments such as Japan’s and the US’s have not left anything to chance by investing heavily in practicing the evacuation of their citizens in the event war. This is a smart move, considering the chaos, confusion, and sometimes panic that often accompany such events.
August, 2017

School Shooting – The Impact

A school shooting event is a traumatic experience for students, teachers and the entire community. These incidents can affect students’ decision about whether to stay at their school, affect their cognitive skills, and influence their behavior at school.
July, 2017

Accountability At All Levels: The Antidote to Retail Losses

We took the opportunity to sit down with Mike Keenan, TAL Global’s Managing Director for Retail Loss Prevention, for an in-depth interview about his area of expertise and his vision of the future of Retail LP.
June, 2017

Mr. Mike Keenan Joins TAL Global as Managing Director, Retail Loss Prevention

TAL Global Corporation is proud to announce that Mr. Mike Keenan has joined its ranks as Managing Director of the Retail Loss Prevention (LP) division.
May, 2017

Executive Protection in Saudi Arabia – Keeping American Executives Safe

American-Saudi commercial relations are about to move forward. How can we ensure the security and safety of the American executives and professionals in Saudi Arabia?