Retail Loss Prevention

June, 2017

Mr. Mike Keenan Joins TAL Global as Managing Director, Retail Loss Prevention

TAL Global Corporation is proud to announce that Mr. Mike Keenan has joined its ranks as Managing Director of the Retail Loss Prevention (LP) division.
July, 2017

Accountability at All Levels: The Antidote to Retail Losses

We took the opportunity to sit down with Mike Keenan, TAL Global’s Managing Director for Retail Loss Prevention, for an in-depth interview about his area of expertise and his vision of the future of Retail LP.
August, 2017

3 Steps To Identifying The Right Loss Prevention Technology

Technology is an enabler that impacts all areas of Loss Prevention (LP). Mike Keenan, TAL Global’s new Managing director of Retail Loss Prevention, and an industry veteran, recommends a disciplined method for identifying and utilizing the right technology for your retail business.
September, 2017

The Future of Retail Loss Prevention

The retail industry is also undergoing what may be termed the most radical transition since the establishment of the store, and along with it, we will see major changes in retail loss prevention.
September, 2017

Retail Loss Prevention in the Age of Online Shopping

Retail is diversifying and moving away from the traditional brick-and-mortar domain; it is reasonable to assume that retail loss and with it retail loss prevention will also evolve in interesting and challenging ways. Mike Keenan, a veteran RLP innovator, is looking at some of the directions RLP may take in the near and medium future.
September, 2017

TAL Global Retail Loss Prevention – “Team of Experts”

Retail loss prevention has long ceased to be a single-expert effort. The complexity of any retail environment requires the experience, insight and innovativeness of experts from multiple disciplines. That's exactly what TAL Global’s “Team Of Experts” concept offers.
October, 2017
Retail Loss Prevention

Retail Loss Prevention – The Importance of Employee Awareness

One of the most critical components of a successful Retail Loss Prevention (RLP) program is the ability to gain the full support of your employees in carrying out the company’s loss prevention strategy. So how do you forge a knowledgeable and engaged workforce that will understand, comply with and execute the agreed-on RLP strategy? One way is through an effective awareness program.
November, 2017

Stressing LP Advocacy, Awareness, And Accountability To The C-Suite

LP has evolved over the years to become a critical component of the entire organization. In a recent Q&A session with Retail Executive, Mr. Mike Keenan, TAL Global's Managing Director or Retail Loss Prevention, provides reasons why senior leadership teams must work closely with LP to lower shrink, increase profitability, and keep people safe.
January, 2018
Mr. Mike Keenan, TAL Global's Managing Director - Retail Loss Prevention

Auditing – An Essential Tool for Any Effective Retail Loss Prevention Program

Mr. Mike Keenan, TAL Global's Managing Director - Retail Loss Prevention, sheds light on one of the more complex aspects of RLP - Auditing. In his concise white paper, Mike describes the two keys to a successful auditing program, the process of establishing a solid auditing program, and using online facilities to streamline and accelerate audits.
February, 2018
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Retail Loss Prevention: How to Implement a New In-Store Audit

Audits can serve as an important vehicle for ensuring operational compliance, enhancing awareness and accountability, measuring key performance functions, and providing valuable teaching and training opportunities in a retail environment. Still, the impact of an audit on the business depends on the methods we employ, our approach, our attitude and the attitudes the audit fosters, during the audit, as we share the results with stakeholders, and in the post-audit support that we offer store teams.