January, 2010

Protection of Proprietary Information

Mission-critical and highly sensitive information are an organization's "crown jewels" in today's highly competitive global marketplace.
June, 2011

Nex-Gen Threats – Identifying “Who,” before “What,” is Critical!

The headline of a recent CNBC news item told us: “Homeland-Security Business Still Booming Ten Years Later”, and “A decade after the 9/11 terror attacks, homeland security is still a growth business.”
February, 2014

Personal and Digital Security During Travel

Risks and uncertainties increase when you are on the road with your computing and communications equipment. When you travel, you and your property can be subjected to a variety of threats. Criminal, espionage and terrorism dangers require that you take appropriate steps to increase your security and mitigate your risks when you are away from your home and office.Here is a list of steps you will want to consider:
April, 2014

A Tale of Two Travelers

Two executives from the same US company visited Brazil recently. One used our executive security services and one declined the same services. The following personal, real-life, executive security accounts tell us what happened in each case:
January, 2016

TAL Global Welcomes Rams to Inglewood!

We at TAL Global are excited about the NFL owners' decision to approve the St. Louis Rams' move to Inglewood, Calif.
August, 2016

Rio’s Olympics – A Continuous Executive Protection Case Study

During the current Olympic Games, there has been an unprecedented number of rather brazen attacks on athletes and high officials, highlighting once again the dangers and vulnerabilities of being unprotected in a dangerous territory, and the need for professional protection in low-security areas - in Brazil and throughout the world.
August, 2016

Executive Protection (EP) – It’s All About People

Even the most tech-savvy CEO knows that while technology is paramount to our lives and to our business success, real breakthroughs - technological or commercial - are brought about by people. It's people that dream, innovate, develop, implement, push, and end up bringing home the bacon; in short, it's all about people.
February, 2017

How to Choose the Best Executive Protection Service

Selecting an executive protection (EP) service may be one of the most critical decisions in an executive’s career. How do you choose the best executive protection service?
March, 2017

Violence Threats to Italian Iconic Landmarks and Stadiums

Italy's landmark and sport stadiums are recent targets of threats of violence and terrorism . Read more about Italy's external and internal threats to its iconic landmarks and stadiums...
April, 2017

A Quick Guide to Digital Security for Business Travelers

A quick guide to digital security during business trips: how to protect your digital assets before, during and after your travel.