March, 2017

Undercover Workplace Investigation – The Quiet Way to Preempt and Mitigate

Undercover workplace investigation is an effective way to deal with multiple workplace challenges. Read more about undercover investigations benefits, vulnerabilities and services.
March, 2017

Workplace Investigations: Avoid Mistakes, Get Results

Workplace investigations can help your organization, but they can hurt it too: our seasoned experts will help you maximize the benefits and avoid painful pitfalls
February, 2017

Five Ways to Select the Best Investigative Service

How do you select an investigative service for your organization? Here are five ways to ensure that you choose the best investigative partner.
January, 2017

Fraud Alert! Film Industry Professionals

A fraud scam is being perpetrated on film industry professionals by a group of fraudsters, posing as Huaxia Film Distribution, a legitimate company.
January, 2017

Mr. Oscar Villanueva promoted to TAL Global’s Chief Operating Officer

As of January 3, 2017, Mr. Oscar Villanueva, TAL Global’s Managing Director of Investigations, has accepted a promotion to Chief Operating Officer.
September, 2015

TAL Global’s Dr. Erroll Southers Featured in New TV Series ‘Corrupt Crimes’

TAL Global’s Dr. Erroll Southers, Managing Director of Counterterrorism and Infrastructure Protection, is a featured analyst in the new television series, Corrupt Crimes. The program investigates some of the world’s most dramatic cases of terrorism, espionage, murder and robbery.
January, 2010

The Challenge of Investigative Services

TAL Global offers a wide range of worldwide resources for investigative and undercover operations.
May, 2009

Podcast: Holistic Investigations

Podcast: Larry Dietz Interviewed on
September, 2007

The Pellican’s Mess

by David B. Parker & Pierre Pine, Parker Mills & […]

TAL Global: Safety and Security Webinar Series

Travel Security Webinar (Free)

Please join us for a free webinar covering information to help you stay safe and secure during domestic or international travel.

With more organizations operating internationally, there is a greater need for staff to travel overseas. This brings with it a series of risks to the traveler and the organization if things go wrong.

Based on years of experience supporting individuals and organizations around the world, TAL Global will provide advice and guidance on how to minimize the risks faced while traveling internationally.

The presentation will cover:

  • ● Pre Trip Preparations
  • ● Safety and Security While En-Route
  • ● On Location: “When in Rome do as the Romans”:
    • ○ If Worse Comes to Worse
  • ● Local Transportation Security
  • ● A Word About Digital Security
  • ● Real Life Case Studies
    • ○ Egypt
    • ○ Turkey


Date: December 6, 2017

Time: 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST

Duration: 30 minutes

Presenter: Mr. Johnathan Tal

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