Counter-Terrorism Division

April, 2017

Dr. Erroll Southers Signs With Buffalo 8 Management

Dr. Erroll Southers, TAL Global's Managing Director for Terrorism and Infrastructure Protection, will be represented as a special consultant to the studios and the networks, with Buffalo 8 developing projects based on his experiences. The representation also includes public speaking and hosting.
March, 2017

The Terror Attack in London – Expect More of the Same in Europe and US as ISIS Loses its Grip?

Professor Erroll Southers, USC’s Director of Homegrown Violent Extremism (HVE) Program, and Managing Director of TAL Global’s Managing Director, Counter-Terrorism & Infrastructure Protection, discussing the recent London terror attack.
September, 2016

Terrorist Decision Making (TDMTM) – Increasing Aviation Security By Turning Your Organization Against Itself

In our zeal to protect ourselves from the next attack, the current emphasis on technological countermeasures focuses on yesterday’s threat and usually does not give enough attention to “the human element” which evolves rapidly, creating ever-changing threat profiles.
August, 2016

Executive Protection (EP) – It’s All About People

Even the most tech-savvy CEO knows that while technology is paramount to our lives and to our business success, real breakthroughs - technological or commercial - are brought about by people. It's people that dream, innovate, develop, implement, push, and end up bringing home the bacon; in short, it's all about people.
August, 2016

Rio’s Olympics – A Continuous Executive Protection Case Study

During the current Olympic Games, there has been an unprecedented number of rather brazen attacks on athletes and high officials, highlighting once again the dangers and vulnerabilities of being unprotected in a dangerous territory, and the need for professional protection in low-security areas - in Brazil and throughout the world.
January, 2016

TAL Global Welcomes Rams to Inglewood!

We at TAL Global are excited about the NFL owners' decision to approve the St. Louis Rams' move to Inglewood, Calif.
December, 2015

The Disruptive Impact of Terror Threats

A threatening message that was sent from a yet unknown source caused today (Tuesday) the cancellation of all classes in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Even though no actual attack has, luckily, taken place, and no real threat actually materialized, the disruptive effect of the threat itself was significant, and its ramifications will probably continue to be reverberate for weeks to come.
December, 2015

Dr. Erroll Southers on the San Bernardino Terror Attack and Beyond

Dr. Erroll Southers, TAL Global's Managing Director of Counter Terrorism and Infrastructure Security, has been a frequent guess on multiple television and radio shows across the U.S. and abroad.
November, 2015

Why Planes Remain a Terrorist Target?

CNN has just published an op-ed by Dr. Erroll Southers, TAL Global's managing director of Counterterrorism and Infrastructure Protection, where Dr. Southers sheds light on terrorists' "fatal attraction" to aviation, and on the ways to mitigate against this ever-present threat.
November, 2015

Erroll Southers: “In Paris We See A Return To Al Qaeda-Style Attacks”

Dr. Erroll Southers, TAL Global's Managing Director, Counter-Terrorism & Infrastructure Protection, was interviewed on CTV News Channel regarding the recent terrorist attack on multiple targets in Paris, France.