Aviation Security

Outsmart the Adversary

Traditional terrorism countermeasures have often proven ineffective in the protection of critical infrastructure (such as airports) because they are reactive.

TAL Global’s risk-based, mission-focused approach uses biometric technology; advanced intelligence-driven passenger screening; leveraged databases; behavioral sciences; and quantifiable measurements to drive an adaptive, multi-layered process that maximizes security while optimizing resource utilization.

TAL Global Aviation Security Department will:

  • Review existing security policies, procedures & technology
  • Analyze the current status of physical security at the site
  • Complete a comparative analysis of site security using comparable benchmark locations and organizations
  • Ensure compliance with relevant regulations
  • Prioritize recommended security countermeasures and implementation strategies

Our unique TDM™ process delivers the following:

  • Identification of the terrorists’ capabilities
  • Recognition of your “attractive” vulnerabilities
  • Development and implementation of a dynamic response
  • Understanding of the terrorists’ adaptive thinking
  • Training to actively respond to terrorists’ adaptive changes
Erroll Southers Managing Director of Counter-Terrorism & Infrastructure Protection

Dr. Erroll Southers, TAL Global’s Managing Director of Counter-Terrorism & Infrastructure Protection, will lead the team that will design and implement your dynamic airport security plan.

Erroll, former Chief of Homeland Security and Intelligence for the Los Angeles World Airports Police Department, is also the Director of Homegrown Violent Extremism Studies in the Safe Communities Institute of the Sol Price School of Public Policy, an Adjunct Professor of Homeland Security and Public Policy and counter-terrorism subject matter expert at the University of Southern California (USC). Erroll was California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Deputy Director for Critical Infrastructure in the Office of Homeland Security, and President Obama’s first nominee for Assistant Secretary of the TSA.

Latest Updates and News:

January, 2017

Is airport security an impossible dream?

Dr. Erroll Southers, TAL Global’s Managing Director, Counter-Terrorism & Infrastructure Protection, wrote in USA Today, exploring the implication of this most recent tragic event on aviation security, as well as possible steps to mitigate the vulnerabilities exposed by this and other attacks.
September, 2016

Terrorist Decision Making (TDMTM) – Increasing Aviation Security By Turning Your Organization Against Itself

In our zeal to protect ourselves from the next attack, the current emphasis on technological countermeasures focuses on yesterday’s threat and usually does not give enough attention to “the human element” which evolves rapidly, creating ever-changing threat profiles.
November, 2015

Why Planes Remain a Terrorist Target?

CNN has just published an op-ed by Dr. Erroll Southers, TAL Global's managing director of Counterterrorism and Infrastructure Protection, where Dr. Southers sheds light on terrorists' "fatal attraction" to aviation, and on the ways to mitigate against this ever-present threat.
November, 2015

Russian Plane Crash: Possible Causes and Ramifications – Dr. Southers Discusses on Yahoo TV

Dr. Erroll Southers, TAL Global's Managing Director of Counter Terrorism & Infrastructure Protection, provided extensive insights on the security aspects associated with the crash of the recent Russian plan in Egypt's Sinai dessert. Appearing in an extensive interview on Yahoo News and Finance Anchor Bianna Golodryga's program, Dr. Southers analysed intelligence inputs, security policies and post-disaster activities, as well as the possible impact of this event on global aviation.