Airport & Aviation Security

Aviation Security Challenges

The aviation has been a preferred target of terrorists for over 50 years, and it is likely to continue to be so in the future. Airports, and their associated infrastructure, are essentially uniquely located and functioning cities, incorporating multiple services with equally multiple vulnerabilities.

The goal of those in charge of aviation security is to maximize security along with maximizing passengers’ commercial exposure, and minimizing delays and discomfort.

TAL Global has its roots in applying innovative solutions for complex aviation counter-terrorism threats in the 1970’s, when key staff performed physical and psychological aviation security countermeasures tasks at highly vulnerable targets in Western Europe. Over the years and as a Risk Management Company, we have placed the Aviation sector at the top of our skill list, acquiring cutting-edge knowledge and testing and implementing ground-breaking solutions.

TAL Global’s Secure Global Traveler Program (Airports) achieves both goals simultaneously, by implementing an avant-garde Aviation Security tool that improves existing procedures in place by the world’s largest security organizations (TSA, FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.) by streamlining them into a more thorough as well as a more efficient and traveler-friendly process.

The result is an interdisciplinary solution, responding to the most current transportation threats

Who Benefits?

  • Airports
  • Passengers
  • Airport’s commercial facilities

What are the Benefits?

  • Increased passengers processing security and efficiency
  • Increased airport throughput
  • Decreased overall operational costs
  • Increased users satisfaction
  • • Increased airport commerce

Aviation Security Services

TAL Global offers a complete suite of aviation security services, combining the latest technologies, with our regulatory, operational and intelligence requirements and most advanced solutions, to deal with the following challenges and vulnerabilities:

  • Threat assessment, terrorist threats
  • Crime and environmental concerns
  • Building vulnerabilities, site specific problem
  • Access control, closed circuit television (CCTV)
  • Perimeter alarms and "panic" alarms
  • Operational security (airside access procedures)
  • Compliance and regulatory issues
  • Recommendation and list of implementation items

To help maximize the security of your aviation facility, TAL Global will:

  • Review existing security policies, procedures & technology
  • Analyze the current status of physical security at the site
  • Complete a comparative analysis of site security using comparable benchmark locations and organizations
  • Compare the security at your sites with that of other organizations of comparable size within your industry.
  • Identify potential problem areas within your security measures.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant regulations
  • Provide a list of measures, which can be taken to strengthen security.
  • Prioritize recommended security countermeasures and implementation strategies
  • Help you implement required measures.

Advanced Aviation Security: Outsmart the Adversary

Traditional terrorism countermeasures have often proven ineffective in the protection of critical infrastructure (such as airports) because they are reactive.

TAL Global’s risk-based, mission-focused approach uses biometric technology; advanced intelligence-driven passenger screening; leveraged databases; behavioral sciences; and quantifiable measurements to drive an adaptive, multi-layered process that maximizes security while optimizing resource utilization.

Our unique TDM™ process delivers the following:

  • Identification of the terrorists’ capabilities
  • Recognition of your “attractive” vulnerabilities
  • Development and implementation of a dynamic response
  • Understanding of the terrorists’ adaptive thinking
  • Training to actively respond to terrorists’ adaptive changes

Read more about our Terrorist Decision Making (TDM™) approach>>

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Erroll Southers Managing Director of Counter-Terrorism & Infrastructure Protection

Dr. Erroll Southers, TAL Global’s Managing Director of Counter-Terrorism & Infrastructure Protection, will lead the team that will design and implement your dynamic airport security plan.

Erroll, former Chief of Homeland Security and Intelligence for the Los Angeles World Airports Police Department, is also the Director of Homegrown Violent Extremism Studies in the Safe Communities Institute of the Sol Price School of Public Policy, an Adjunct Professor of Homeland Security and Public Policy and counter-terrorism subject matter expert at the University of Southern California (USC). Erroll was California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Deputy Director for Critical Infrastructure in the Office of Homeland Security, and President Obama’s first nominee for Assistant Secretary of the TSA.

Latest Updates and News:

September, 2017
drone security

Drone Security – It’s the One You Don’t See That Will Get You

DBIEDs or Drone Borne Improvised Explosive devices can turn into real threats. They are small, quiet, almost invisible, and they can, directly and indirectly, cause substantial damage.
September, 2017

How not to Get Ripped Off When Considering Counter-Drone Technology?

Against a background of intelligence that terrorists are increasingly viewing drones as weapons of choice for attacks against stadiums and other large public venues, security officials are being bombarded, with technologies to counter this looming threat.
July, 2017

Like the Terrorists, It’s Time We Start Adapting to Aviation Security’s Threats and Vulnerabilities

Periodic red team challenges to TSA defenses have been delivering pretty much the same grim results for the past decade. Somehow, we manage to shove the bad news under the carpet, shrug, and move on. Seems like we have adapted to repressing the bad news about our abilities to mitigate actual threats much faster than we are adopting innovative new ways to mitigate our existing and evolving vulnerabilities and threats.
April, 2017

Getting A Grip On Air Rage Using Assertive-HonoringTM

What is Assertive-HonoringTM and how it can help the aviation industry to manage air-rage incidents. Read about our unique de-escalation tools.

TAL Global: Safety and Security Webinar Series

Travel Security Webinar (Free)

Please join us for a free webinar covering information to help you stay safe and secure during domestic or international travel.

With more organizations operating internationally, there is a greater need for staff to travel overseas. This brings with it a series of risks to the traveler and the organization if things go wrong.

Based on years of experience supporting individuals and organizations around the world, TAL Global will provide advice and guidance on how to minimize the risks faced while traveling internationally.

The presentation will cover:

  • ● Pre Trip Preparations
  • ● Safety and Security While En-Route
  • ● On Location: “When in Rome do as the Romans”:
    • ○ If Worse Comes to Worse
  • ● Local Transportation Security
  • ● A Word About Digital Security
  • ● Real Life Case Studies
    • ○ Egypt
    • ○ Turkey


Date: December 6, 2017

Time: 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST

Duration: 30 minutes

Presenter: Mr. Johnathan Tal

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