Our clients are our partners and we depend on each other to succeed. Some of our clients were able to communicate the experience they had with TAL Global and let us bring them to you here.

“NetApp is one of the world’s leading developers of innovative storage and data management solutions. We employ over 8,000 people in 130 offices worldwide. As NetApp’s Sr. Director of Worldwide Safety & Security, I know very well that keeping such a large company’s people and assets safe requires a high level of coordination, efficiency and attention to detail.
In February, 2009, NetApp implemented a restructuring strategy which resulted in the elimination of resources throughout many geographic regions. Recognizing that Reductions in Force (RIFs) require extra planning and security provisions, I immediately thought of Johnathan Tal and TAL Global. Through the years, Johnathan has been a trusted colleague and I knew he would provide a quick response. Within mere days, Johnathan had his people in touch with our local personnel in 17 different countries as coordination efforts began. With so many different environments and cultures to consider, having local contacts ensured that each situation would be navigated through with the utmost understanding and sensitivity to each region’s different needs.
In an economic climate such as the one the world is experiencing now, the best a company can hope for when facing cutbacks is that its people are kept safe and risks are mitigated, allowing business to carry on without interruption. The restructuring was completed successfully with zero incidents occurring, in part due to TAL Global’s expert international team coordination and presence on the ground. I would highly recommend TAL Global’s services to anyone and will use them again in the future.”

Timothy Dillon
Sr. Director, Worldwide Safety & Security
NetApp, Inc.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is the sixth largest publicly owned utility in the country….As an Electric Utility District employing about 2,200 employees and numerous contractors, potential issues exist involving workplace violence by employees, significant others and customers…
…In 2009, TAL Global, together with business partners from Anvaya Solutions, reviewed SMUD’s workplace violence prevention program, policy and procedures.  They interviewed key stakeholders and identified gaps in our program, as well as measured us against best practices in organizations of similar size.
Once the evaluation phase was complete, TAL Global executives came in and provided first class training to our Threat Assessment Team and key executives.  The training was educational, informative and helped us restructure our program in ways we did not envision before. Our team has gained an understanding of threat, how to mitigate it and what to do in case of an accident.  We feel this was a very valuable, timely and worthy endeavor.
I would highly recommend TAL Global to any organization considering upgrading and improving its workplace violence and emergency response programs.  We will be calling on them to assist us in future training and will use them as a resource during an incident of threat…”

Esteban Nava, Jr.
Critical Infrastructure Protection Compliance Specialist III
Sacramento Municipal Utility District

“…As the Corporate Security manager for the past seven years, I have worked with Johnathan Tal and TAL Global on numerous occasions. He has been a personal and confidential “sounding board” that I have turned to for guidance. TAL Global has assisted Adobe with investigations, workplace violence situations and fraud investigations. When facing a security challenge or complex investigation, we consider TAL Global to be a valuable resource, and have leveraged their staff and international network for issues in Europe and Asia.
…I would like to make special reference to Adobe’s “Violence Prevention Program” in which Johnathan personally orchestrated the team’s training curriculum and development. He was also instrumental in facilitating Business Continuity Plan (BCP) exercises and critiques involving various executive level teams that worked through intricate and changing scenarios.
I would highly recommend the services of TAL Global to anyone who is responsible for managing multifarious security and investigative issues, and is in need of professional consulting services.”

Richard M. Ricca
Safety & Security Manager
Adobe Systems, Incorporated

“…I am pleased to endorse the security services by Johnathan Tal and TAL Global. We relied heavily on the services provided by Mr. Tal and his associates not only to augment the resources of the Corporate Security organization at Exodus, but also to help construct the basic foundation of our security program. In our association, we came to view Johnathan Tal and TAL Global not only as a highly reliable and professional security services firm, but also as a trusted source of sound advice. We have enjoyed our association with Mr. Tal and recommend him to other organizations that may need top quality security services.”

James F. Snyder
Vice President
Exodus Corporate Security

“…We utilize the services of TAL Global and Johnathan Tal to help us manage our international requirements in a cost effective and customized approach. Mr. Tal’s applied experience, knowledge, international contacts and service philosophy have allowed us to make appropriate business risk management decisions in a timely manner. We have found that Mr. Tal can make a significant, pro-active contribution to the security challenges and liability issues faced by our organization and would recommend his company to other organizations either involved in or contemplating international market activity.”

H. Jefferson Hayes CPP, CSE
Former Vice President, Compliance Services
Marriott International

“…We have used the services of TAL Global to assist us in a variety of areas. When one of our plants experienced theft of product, TAL Global investigators were able to identify the culprits, provide the evidence and obtain statements and confessions. In another case, computers and equipment were recovered and returned and since the culprit was a contractor, the cost of the investigation was recovered as well.”

Gregory J. Halvacs
Director, Corporate Security
Kraft Foods

“…My association with Johnathan Tal and TAL Global began many years ago during my tenure at Applied Materials and continued when I moved to Silicon Valley Bank. Mr. Tal has worked with me through many complex issues of workplace violence, sensitive investigations, background checks, security assessments and needs analysis. His company has performed extraordinarily well in every capacity. Mr. Tal has demonstrated a vast array of domestic, and international capabilities for almost any situation. His ability to respond to the most difficult situations in a timeframe unheard of with most security organizations is unparalleled. Without reservation I can highly recommend the professional services of TAL Global to help any individual or organization meet their security challenges and needs.”

Allen H. Trujillo
Vice President Facilities and Security
Silicon Valley Bank

“…When the Mexico City office of Sybase was taken hostage by a disgruntled former vendor, the prevailing feeling of the employees was fear. As the Worldwide Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Sybase it was my responsibility to mange the situation and mitigate the risk, so I did the only thing which I knew would work: I picked up the phone and called Johnathan Tal.”

“Within four hours from the time of my call, Johnathan dispatched two Spanish speaking protection professionals from San Jose to Mexico City. The actions taken by him resulted in a complete and lasting solution within two days. His staff worked professionally and diplomatically with local law enforcement and private security teams. His staff used both subtle leverage and superior negotiation skills to peacefully resolve the crisis which could have caused loss of life as well as serious liability to Sybase. I would recommend most highly to anyone doing business internationally to call Johnathan Tal and consult with him on issues of security and investigations. There is no other person I would call to either help prevent an incident or during a crisis.”

Dominic Gattuso Jr.
Former Vice President & General Manager, Worldwide Sales & Field Operations
Sybase, Inc.

“… Johnathan’s organization has provided a wide variety of services that have helped Fujitsu provide a quality workforce and a safe working environment. I am confident that we will continue to depend upon Johnathan and his staff in the future to help us address our efforts to ensure our employee’s safety, and minimize the company’s liability and risk. I enthusiastically recommend Johnathan Tal to anyone who requires a professional resource for security and investigative matters.”

Joe Snayd
Vice President
Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc.


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