About Us

Our world-wide network of professionals in more than 180 cities delivers time-sensitive investigative, executive protection, security and associated services for Fortune 500 and small-medium companies.

Your business life takes place around the globe, and so do our services. We understand local cultures, your ever-changing needs and special circumstances, the urgency to bring results, and the desire to stay within budget.

Who We Are

TAL Global is an international security consulting and risk management firm that provides a comprehensive array of aviation security, disaster mitigation planning and risk management services. Our extensive international network of professionals enables us to deliver the highest level of security and loss prevention services – around the globe.

What We Do

Aviation Security and
Critical Infrastructure Protection

  • Vulnerability and threat assessment
  • Proactive Counter-Terrorism
  • Technology considerations assessment
  • Compliance and regulatory issues facilitation
  • Recommendations and priorities implementation

Executive Protection

  • Global Executive Protection
  • Immediate Threat Response
  • Workplace Violence
  • Layoffs / Reduction in Force Support
  • Physical Threats Protection
  • Travel Plans, Executive Briefings
  • Extraction from Trouble Zones

Emergency Preparedness

  • Assessments
  • Audits
  • Surveys
  • Risk Evaluations
  • Benchmarking
  • Training, Exercises, Simulations
  • Standard Operation Procedures
  • Program Development
  • Program Execution
  • Recovery & Rebuilding Assistance
  • Public Policies Review
  • Compliance

Traditional & Complex Investigations

  • Discreet international background checks for potential business partners
  • Undercover investigations
  • Interrogations, interviews
  • Surveillance
  • Law Enforcement Liaison
  • Litigation Support
  • Cultural Analysis
  • Forensic Psychiatry
  • Digital Forensics
  • Civil and Criminal Seizures

Cyber Security

  • Compliance Reviews
  • Privacy Consulting
  • Cyber War Research & Strategy
  • User Access and Business Continuity Management
  • Policy Development and/or Review
  • Training

Venue Safety & Security

  • Risk Assessment/Audits
  • Safety and Security Manual Development
  • Comprehensive Safety & Security Planning
  • Emergency Training, Exercises, Simulations

Where We Work

The Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Middle East - We are where you are.

People and Profiles

Our company’s personnel reflects our mission and vision; it is a powerful fusion of cultures, experiences, academic excellence, and field smarts.

Mr. Johnathan Tal

President and Chief Executive Officer

Founder of TAL Global (1985), veteran investigator, counter terrorism specialist with decades of field and complex management experience.

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Prof. Erroll G. Southers

Managing Director, Counter-Terrorism & Infrastructure Protection

An internationally recognized expert on counter-terrorism, homeland security, aviation terrorism, school safety and infrastructure protection, established academic researcher and frequent commentator.

Read more about Erroll Southers

Mr. Lawrence D. Dietz

General Counsel and Managing Director, Information Security

Retired Colonel, licensed attorney, and a nationally-recognized cyber security, cyber warfare, information security and intellectual property expert.

Read more about Larry Dietz

Mr. Lucien G. Canton

Managing Director, Emergency Preparedness

Former Director for Emergency Services for the City & County of San Francisco; over 30 years of experience in hazard and risk analysis, loss mitigation and emergency planning.

Read more about Lucien Canton

Mr. Forrest P. Franklin, D.A.B.F.E

Managing Director, Physical Security Management / Risk Assessment

Former Director of Security & Fire/Life Safety at the TransAmerica Pyramid, and Director of Security & Safety at the Embarcadero Center, a $1.2 billion, mixed-use “city within a city” in San Francisco.

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Mr. Oscar Villanueva

Managing Director, Investigations

Former Federal security and law enforcement agent and executive with over 22 years of hands-on experience in conducting and managing investigative and consulting missions across the nation and the world.

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Dr. Mark Lipian, M.D., Ph.D

Clinical and Forensic Psychiatrist

Dr. Lipian is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at both UCLA and the University of California at Irvine. He is also Medical Director of the Orange County Conditional Release Program, a clinic for court-mandated treatment of mentally ill offenders.

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Customer Testimonials

Our clients are our partners and we depend on each other to succeed. Some of our clients were kind enough to communicate the experience they had with TAL Global and to let us bring them to you: