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"TAL Global is an international security consulting and risk management firm that specializes in providing expert Protection, Prevention and Security services - critical components of operations for any organization - at home and around the globe.

"We team with you to understand your organization and your unique challenges, then work with you to devise solutions that meet your needs for protecting your personnel, property and critical assets.

"Call us to talk about your concerns or needs. We will offer you a plan for deploying our experts to extend your team however necessary, to assure that your business is protected and secured. It’s one less thing you will have to worry about."

Johnathan Tal
Chief Executive Officer

Our world-wide network of professionals in more than 180 cities delivers time-sensitive investigative, executive protection, security and associated services for Fortune 500 and small-medium companies.

Your business life takes place around the globe, and so do our services. We understand local cultures, your ever-changing needs and special circumstances, the urgency to bring results, and the desire to stay within budget.

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Latest News & Views

January, 2018
Mr. Mike Keenan, TAL Global's Managing Director - Retail Loss Prevention

Auditing – An Essential Tool for Any Effective Retail Loss Prevention Program

Mr. Mike Keenan, TAL Global's Managing Director - Retail Loss Prevention, sheds light on one of the more complex aspects of RLP - Auditing. In his concise white paper, Mike describes the two keys to a successful auditing program, the process of establishing a solid auditing program, and using online facilities to streamline and accelerate audits.
January, 2018
Unwanted Sexual Attention

Rand Corporation Study: Women in the US Report a Fivefold Occurrence of Unwanted Sexual Attention, Compared to That Reported by Men

A recent Rand Corporation report titled “Working Conditions in the United States” finds that women reported verbal abuse, threats, and humiliating behavior at a slightly higher rate than men, but experienced a fivefold occurrence of unwanted sexual attention, compared to that reported by men.
January, 2018
Executive Protection

When Your Executive Protection is a Liability, Not an Asset

Having the protection of armed bodyguards while traveling through or working in a high-crime or low security region or country can hardly be thought of as a problem. Yet, it turns out that employing improperly trained protection can increase your vulnerability rather than your safety.
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